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What is Tang-Asia? 

Tang-Asia is the online vehicle for Tang Li, a free-lance; Singapore based writer and marketing communications consultant. Tang-Asia was established in late 2003 and serves as a means of finding out more about Tang Li, his works and his clients.
However, Tang-Asia is more than just a show case of an individual’s trophies. It is part of a constantly developing philosophy that is applied to the way Tang Li and Tang-Asia works towards creating greater value towards your business. That is the Philosophy of Holistic Independence.

Philosophy of Holistic - Independence

The Philosophy of Holistic Independence is based on Tang Li’s experiences as an independent writer and marketing communications consultant. The core of this philosophy is dual concept of a holistic approach towards business and marketing communications and independence of thought.

  • Holistic Business Approach – Marketing Communications is not an end in itself but part of an overall business strategy. The objectives of marketing communications must support the overall business objectives.

  • Holistic Communications Approach – communications is a holistic experience. Advertising, public relations, direct marketing and events are merely tools though which we communicate. As such, Tang Li approaches communications in a holistic manner, working with you to help you find the right thing to say and the most effective means to say it.

  • Holistic Partnership – as one-man consultant, Tang Li has the freedom to work with partners from all around the world. Thanks to modern technology, it’s no longer about having the resources but a matter of the right ones. Where necessary, Tang Li has the ability to tap on the expertise of some of the best brains available.

  • Independence from form – Bruce Lee once encouraged his martial arts students to be like water – having no form and yet being able to find form. Because of his independence, Tang Li is able to be without form and yet able to fit into the structures of brand discipline – thus providing advice that enhances the brand’s core values in changing circumstances.

  • Independence from the inside – Consultants pride themselves in being ‘one of the team.’ In the case of Tang Li, the pride and value lies in the fact that he’s able to provide you with the view from the outside. This is one consultant who thinks as a consumer.  

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