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Health Screening – Finding Out Before it's Too Late.

The phrase, “You know it, till you’ve got it,” is often too true in the case of many illnesses. This has been particularly true of cancer, which is silent during the early stages. Thousands of men and women throughout the world have died of prostate and breast cancer simply because they never knew they had it until it was too late.

How many lives could be saved if only people went for health screening earlier? Breast and prostate cancer need not be fatal, especially if they are detected and dealt with early on. And cancer is not the only thing that can be helped by health screening. Diabetes and strokes are two other potentially fatal ailments that are often caused by years of living an unhealthy lifestyle. Imagine the pain and money that could be saved if many diabetics and stroke patients could have detected they were at risk earlier in life and made the necessary changes?

Regular health screening increases the chance that the build up of silent killers like cancer can be stopped earlier on. And this can only bring peace of mind – which can only be better for ones health.

And where could one go to have health screening? With a position as a hub of major international airlines and ships, as well as some 14 world-class medical institutions, Singapore is an ideal location to go to for a health screening.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Singapore has the best health care system in Asia and one of the best in the World. And the 200,000 people from around the world to use Singapore’s medical facilities agree with this finding.

Health screening can range from simple test like taking blood pressure to more complicated test that require technology and expertise, like x-rays. And Singapore has the technology and expertise.
The National University Hospital (NUH) has already teamed up with John Hopkins to boost the knowledge and training of Singapore’s medical workers.

As for the technology, Singapore is one of the few medical centres in the world to acquire cutting-edge diagnostic equipment like PET/CT scanners that can be used to detect tumors at very high accuracy levels. Singapore has three centres where health screenings are available.

Both government and private health care providers go out of their way to emphasize their “One-Stop, Seamless,” service for patients throughout the world. The major health care providers, Parkway Healthcare Group, Raffles Medical Group, The National Health Group and SingHealth, all have “International Patient Centres,” that provide such services. These services include picking you up from the airport and easy registration at the hospital. And in extreme cases, they will arrange for emergency evacuations to Singapore, by commercial flights or private jets.

Health screening in Singapore is made to be an easy part and natural part of a trip to Singapore. Hospitals like Raffles Hospital cater for simple test like the taking of blood test to be done in your hotel room, so that you don’t have to leave the environment you’re comfortable with unless its necessary. The Parkway Medical Health group delivers the results of a health screening to your hotel.

The differences in health screening packages offered by the competing health care providers are broadly similar, with differences being more in presentation. All of them are divided into according to sex and age groups as these groups are subject to different health needs and so require different health screening needs. Younger men, for example, are less likely to suffer from prostate cancer than older men. They are however vulnerable to lung and stomach cancer, Here is a list of some of the health screening available.

General test packages Specific tests Tests for women
Investigation of Medical History Detailed Kidney Function Test Breast examination and Mammogram
a Full Physical Examination Detailed Haematology PAP Smear
Urine and Stool Examination Prostrate Cancer Screening Bone densitometry for Osteoporosis (common for women after menopause)
Blood Grouping PET-CT Scan Pelvic Ultrasound
Simple Haematology Ultrasound Abdomen Rubella Antibody Screening
Electrocardiogram (ECG) &
Chest X-ray
Treadmill stress ECG Fertility or prenatal examinations
VD Screening    
Hepatitis B Screening    
Eye screening for aged    

Health Screening is a comparatively cheap and effective service. And with a sound infrastructure, trained health care workers, state of the art technology and world-class hospitals, Singapore is the perfect place for an effective health screening. Chances are, any regional business traveler will have to stop by in Singapore for a meeting or convention. So why shouldn’t he or she stop by and have a health screening at the same time? After all what are a few moments for health screening worth, in return for achieving a peace of mind?

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