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"Thank you for your stimulating article. I enjoyed reading it."
Lee Hsien Loong - Prime Minister of Singapore.

"You did more for us than Webber Shandwick in the USA!"
Mr Albert Eng – VP Strategic Outsourcing - Polaris Software Lab Ltd

"Tang Li is our hidden treasure."
Mr Ali Bakhsh, Regional VP Saudi Petroleum Ltd (Saudi Aramco)

"Good show Tang Li, Saw BBC Program, kudos!"
Raghuraman Balakrishnan - VP Corp. Communications, Polaris Software Ltd

"I’ll bloody kill you if you don’t work with me again!"
Mr Raymond Aryogaswamy – VP & Operations Director Asia Pacific – Polaris Software Lab Ltd

What is Tang Asia?
Tang-Asia is the online vehicle for Tang Li, a free-lance; Singapore based writer and marketing communications consultant. Tang-Asia was established in late 2003 and serves as a means of finding out more about Tang Li, his works and his clients.


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